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You are unique, your brand is unique, and so is every shoot! I customize what I do for each individual client.
Contact me for a quote and let's discuss the specifics!

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Can you find our brand some models?

Sometimes! I have a few go to's in my contacts but I charge to do the communication and bookings with them as well as their hourly fees.
Usually I prefer to have the brand reach out and establish that relationship themselves.

What kind of gear do you use?

I'm not a big gear head. I shoot with a Canon EOS R and my trusty go-to's are 24-70 2.8 and 70-200 2.8.
On top of that I occasionally mix in some GoPro, iPhone (ummm seriously, it's impressive how good those new cameras are) and occasionally fall back on my trusty OG Nikon D800 and get myself completely messed up trying to do the switch back and forth.

Can you help me style my food?

YES YES YES! When you contact me for a food photography quote, the price includes styling fee unless specified otherwise! My experience and background cooking and playing chef gives me a lot of knowledge on styling and helping food to stay looking beautiful!

Can you help with location ideas?

Absolutely! I can help you find the perfect look for you brand or personal shoot whether its outdoorsy or in a kitchen and also help pick the best time of day for light in those locations.

Do you shoot Family/ Engagement/ Elopmement Sessions?

I do on occasion! While I specialize in more commercial and individual lifestyle photography, I do still love connecting on a personal level with my clients and getting to know their crew. Hit me up for an adventure sesh, I'm not afraid to get my feet wet!

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